Create, network, stream, promote & collaborate globally

The ‘Raaga’ is transcendental.
An integral part of the oldest existing culture known to man.


Raagamorph is a platform dedicated for the appreciation, propagation and promotion of music, designed for the audiences and listeners as well as individuals and entities that generate, disseminate, appreciate and help music evolve across places, times and cultures.

Designed to be a community of interacting individuals and entities to network, discover, connect, collaborate, promote, develop, market and monetise their music, products and services, Raagamorph is an ecosystem that caters in various ways to everything connected to music from composition, production, performance, to the technical aspects like instruments, equipment, venues, marketing, management and so on. It is built to cater to everyone starting from the creators to the end users, the music lovers, concert goers, students, novices and experienced professionals alike.

All music is but only a transformation of the Raaga.
Everything around music is a manifestation of that transformation.


Raagamorph was first started in 2016 as an artist tour services in India, meant to organise tours for artists within India as well as artists from overseas touring the subcontinent. However, the shortcomings in the process forced a concept rethink, that led to a complete hypothetical and operational overhaul. This is an attempt to address the mountain of uncertainty of a predominantly unorganised sector of the music and performance industry. It aims to streamline the workflow, interaction, and the general process in all spheres of the music industry has been designed to include all of it.

Without the Raaga, there is no music as we know it.