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Application tester



Job profile

Raagamorph is looking for avid test users to test the platform and its features. The test users will have an opportunity to work on a brand new exciting global project that has a host of features including networking, audio/video streaming, communication, connectivity, shopping, events, ticketing, etc.

  • Create test accounts
  • Use the product in the test environment 
  • Create and perform end to end testing scenarios with focus on quality and user experience
  • Perform test using different devices, operating systems and browsers (e.g. browsers on smartphones, Firefox on iPad, etc)
  • Engage with other test users through the application where applicable (e.g. network and interactions)
  • Identify scope of the project, its features, and scalability and 
  • Detect problems/bugs/defects and inconsistencies in different use case scenarios.
  • Log the test environment, test conditions and detailed  test results 
  • Suggest possible solutions for detected problems and inconsistencies
  • Log a detailed user experience report
  • Make suggestions that may enhance user engagement, experience and security




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Additional info

The project being not funded at this point, the remuneration offered is only redeemable anytime after the portal officially launches and will be in terms of free portal usage allowance, for a time period depending on the length and amount of contribution as a test user.

Applicant requirements

Language proficiencyEnglish
Field of RelevanceMusic industry
Technical knowledgeNo
Background profilesArtist, Band, Performer, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Manager, Events organizer, Venue owner/operator, Studio, Engineer, Producer, Production manager, Instrument builder/maker, Software/App builder
Industry experience2-5 years