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Frequently Asked Questions

You are likely to find most of your questions answered here. Read on..

Raagamorph is a music-exclusive portal for the artists, performers and all kinds of music & performance industry professionals to network and market their music, products and services to their audiences, fans and customers.

Raagamorph, being a music exclusive portal, anybody can discover, connect, network, promote, market, stream and experience music, artists, bands, events, performances and other music related products and services from a global standpoint.

Just about anybody that actively creates music or music related products and/or offers services and facilitate activities like music production, performance, artist/band management, live sound, marketing professionals, etc.

  • Artists
  • Bands
  • Producers
  • Engineers
  • Performers
  • Instrument/equipment makers
  • Tech designer
  • Managers
  • Event organisers
  • Promoters
  • Venues

Simply put, a professional is a user who creates music or music related products and offers their products or services for other members for a price. Whereas a consumer is a member who does not offer any music, product or services for a price, but can avail the same that has been offered by other professionals.

Choosing your profile while signing up as ‘Explore’ if you are a consumer or any of the other profile types that suit your work-type in the industry. This decides whether you want to be a consumer member or a professional member on the portal.

No, you cannot. You can choose your profile type only once while signing-up. There is no way you can change your primary role (profile type) after the completion of the signup process. We suggest you decide about choosing your profile type well before signing-up.

You may choose to have a secondary role after signing up, but your entire Raagamorph experience depends on what profile type you choose (according to the role you play in the industry) when you sign-up.

Users of the ‘Explorer’ profile type can, among other benefits, discover new mucic, artists, bands, events based on preferred styles, location, explore the world of music, post videos, posts, network, interact with artists, bands and professionals, listen to streaming music, create and share playlists, follow your favourite artists, bands, events and a lot more.

Users with any of the professional profile types can offer their music, products and/or services on their profile pages for other members of any profile type to avail of. They can, among other benefits, build their audience globally, reach out to them directly and interact with them directly, promote their products in exquisite detail, create events and collaborate with other professionals for events and other projects.
Yes, you have all the privileges of a consumer member in terms of consumer features and activities. However, there will be a difference in subscription charges only for the professional features, but not on the general features.
There are are seven different professional profile types. All of the types are broadly based on different categories of professionals that make up the music and performance industry. While most of the features are similar across the platform, each profile types has an exclusive set of tools and options for displaying and offering their products and/or services. Below are a few examples of the tools for each professional type
All the special tools are exclusive for the specific profile type and the same tools will not be available for a different profile type.
Subscription services are those that require a payment to be made in order to use the feature, like location based services or unlimited streaming, etc. All services are free of charges for now as we are still in the launch and testing phase and subscription services will be eventually introduced across the platform for all user types.
Raagamorph is a platform built for the music industry and the feature include, but not limited to Professional Profile creation, Music streaming, Networking, Messaging, Buying & Selling of products and services, Location based content delivery, Video streaming, Posts Audio/video uploads, Events with follow, etc, and it is still growing.

There are two simple ways of signing up with Raagamorph. Regardless of which way you choose, you’ll be done in about 30 seconds.

  • You can sign up directly by (1) selecting your desired profile type from the dropdown list, providing (2) your email id and (3) a password.
  • Click the Signup button.
  • Upon clicking the signup button, a confirmation email will be sent to the provided email id. Your Raagamorph account will be activated once you click on the confirmation link in the email.
Through an external account provider:
  • This is the easier of the two methods.
  • You can also use one of the three available account providers, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to sign up or login.
  • (1) Select your desired profile type from the dropdown list and (2) click one of the three account provider buttons.

In each case, only the email id, name and profile picture are collected from the external account providers. No other details are collected and the user has to fill up all the other details in their profile manually. While the email is mandatory, you can choose to not let the other details like the profile pic or the name be collected automatically by the account provider.

Your email id is essential for the account creation, communication and will be your basic Identity.

Your date of birth is required to ascertain the you are above 14 years of age and also to ascertain your industry experience.

Your name is purely for general addressing and not displayed publicly. What will be displayed will be your display name that you can choose to use your given names.

Your country and city are used for associating you with the location that you are primarily established in, and helps deliver better results in searches.

Although some are deemed to be not mandatory, providing as much accurate information as possible will make your experience on Raagamorph so much better.

Apart from the location information from your profile, no other personal information will be made accessible publicly on the platform.

You can always click the ‘Forgot password’ button on the login page. Upon clicking may ask you to confirm that you are the account owner and if confirmed, an email with a reset password link will be sent to the registered email id through which you can easily set a new password.
Personal information like passwords are encrypted using the current global security standards and constantly being updated. Other personal information like email id or names are not publicly visible or accessible in the platform.

Of course, everyone has to make sure that their privacy is not under threat especially when it comes to social platforms, be it Raagamorph or any other. We strongly recommend you go through our Privacy Policy and contact us using the contact form in case you have any concerns. We will be more than happy to respond to all of your concerns in the shortest possible time.

Having said that, you can set your privacy settings from the console where you can choose what details from your profile can others see.

The layout of Raagamorph is very simple and divided into 4 main sections. Home, Profile, Console and Community.
All data on Raagamorph is user data and It is still in phase 1 of launch. You won’t see any data on it until the users start putting in some posts, music or videos. Building your profile with data is super simple and maybe you should start with it right away.
When you login for the first time, You will be taken to the ‘Console’ page where you setup, edit and manage your profile from. You can start filling up your details from the ‘Person details’ section. It takes less than a minute to completely set up your profile.

Time required: about 1 minute.

Head over to the 'Console' section.

Person details: Section 1

The first part of the first section, ‘Person details’ consists of the basic details like the name, location and birth date.

All fields, except the middle name in this part are essential*

Date of birth is essential to ascertain that the user is above the age of 14 and for certain other statistics

The location data is essential for search functions and location based content delivery. Start entering your location in the first field and select the correct location from the dropdown list.

Click or tap the ‘Update details’ button below to update the details.

*Please note that none of the details provided in this section will be publicly accessible anywhere across the platform.

Person details: Section 2:

Ensure that you have completed the first section before entering the second section.

Click or tap the button ‘Edit Profile’ at the bottom of the second section of the Person details. This opens up the profile editor screen where you can edit the rest of the details. These include:

  • Username: will be used for login purposes in the future.
  • Display name: The name that will be displayed on your profile and with which you will be referred to as publicly.
  • Secondary role: Another role association for the user. This helps better content delivery, search results and adds to a better overall experience.
  • Musical styles: Three basic musical styles you mainly associate yourself with. This plays a major role in the content that gets delivered to your homepage. There are only a few styles to choose from and more will be added in the future.
  • Website: If you have a personal or product website that you would like to be displayed on your profile.
  • Company: If you are a part of or you have a company.
  • Class: States whether you are an individual, or a group or an establishment. This doesn’t have much function than being specified on the profile, but it will be used for search and other similar functions.
  • Industry experience: Time period that you have been active in the industry. Please note that this will not work if you have not completed the first section.

Click 'Browse' under the profile image section to browse for a profile picture and then click 'Upload' to upload the picture. Make sure you upload jpeg format. No other formats will be supported.

You're done setting up the personal details section of the profile.

For professional profiles:

Clicking the 'Pro details' button will open up the pro section of the profile.

Once inside the Pro-section, you can upload a banner, give a title to your profile, a tagline and a short description. This is an exclusive section for the professional users.

Voila..! You're done setting up the basic profile.

All essential details are specified on their respective labels. However, providing as much data as possible will help in the best possible experience.
Yes. Except the username, you can change any part or all of your profile data at a later time. You may need to change your location data if you relocate to a different city.
These are musical styles that you also listen to or like to follow, besides the primary styles of music that you choose in section 2. Checking those that you like will further help the filter the content delivered to you. Please check those that you really like to avoid getting unnecessary content delivered to your homepage.

Secondary role is associated with the professional profile users and more often than not, everyone ends up playing more than one roles at work and eventually build a good deal of skills in different roles as well.

It is only logical to put oneself in more than one role so that the opportunities and profile visibility becomes a little broader.

So choose the most appropriate role as the secondary role so that you get seen by the right people looking for you. You can always keep it empty, or use explorer or change it at a later point if you think what you have chosen is not working out or you deal with more than two roles or any other reason.

However, we strongly recommend sticking to two roles and not changing them frequently for better consistency in search results where you might show up as well as the content delivered to you.

Pinboard is a feature that does exactly what it says. Whatever you type in there stays there until you edit or delete it. It acts as a Pinboard for all your thoughts, lyrics, chores, reminders, etc

You can start composing a post and leave it as it is and use it in a post as the post content when you want to post it. It automatically appears in the post content area. Deleting it from the post content area doesn't erase it from the Pinboard and you can still access it from the Pinboard. Nice isn't it?

Currently, you can post either music with text under 'music' or text with/without image under 'shout'. Click the appropriate button on top of the homepage and add the content and click 'Post'.

All music content comes under 'Music' and 'Stream' whereas text and image content can be found only under 'Stream'.

Any text in the 'Pinboard' will appear as a message. It can either be posted as it is or you can choose to write something else. The data on the 'Pinboard' will not be modified by any action on the 'Post' popup.

This is not a video centric platform, so we do not have video at the moment.

  • The music player button is on top of the right panel on the home page.

  • Clicking on the button opens up the player. The player is empty initially. However, you can click the dropdown menu of any track on the homepage and create a new playlist with the selected track or add it to an existint playlist (If you have already created one).

  • If you do not have a playlist, create a new one and give it a name.

  • Alternatively, if you already have a playlist loaded, you can add the track directly to the currently loaded playlist.

  • Clicking on the 'Playlists' shows all your playlists and you can load any of them using the '⇪' button.

  • The player starts playing the first song in the playlist as soon as you load any of the playlists.

  • Also, the playlist changes to 'Tracks', displaying a list of the tracks in the currently loaded playlist.

  • Click on the name of a playlist to change its name, and click on the 'x' button delete the playlist.

  • The tabs on the left menu are divided into two sections, bigger buttons on the upper part and smaller buttons on the lower part.
  • The bigger buttons on the upper part are part of your inbox that will have content that was specifially sent to you by your connections and other users on Raagamorph.
  • This content can either invitations for events and collaborations or connect and follow requests from fellow users or events, information or collaboration projects shared with you by your connections or other users or any important notification or communication from your connections or fellow users.
  • Each small button on the lower section acts as a filter for the content delivered to you.
  • The content delivered to the user largely depends on the style preferences and style associations from your profile, that will be matched with the styles of the creators and the content uploaded.
  • Music: Brings you content that matches the style of the track as mentioned by the creators, and the styles of the creators matched with the styles and associations from your profile.

    Any track can be added to a playlist or multiple playlists using the dropdown on the top right of the post. Once added to a playlist, it can be played whenever you want.

    The tracks can also be rated using the slider on the bottom part of the post.

  • Collaborations: Filters the content by collaborations whose styles are matched as mentioned above.

    Collaborations can be saved, revisited later until the project is active.

  • Events: Filters the content by events based on the user's style preferences and their current location determined by the browser.

    It is recommended that the users allow the browser to determine the location so that the user can access information about events based on their location instead of events at random.

    Additionally, the event window has three tabs that filters events by local, national and global events, all based on the user's style preferences.

  • Tech: Filters content by tech products that have been poated recently. The amount of information about the product depends on the data given by the creator of the post. Tech posts do not get filtered based on the style preferences of the user unless specified by the creator of the post.

  • Watchout: This tab filters content by artists and bands that are traveling around the user's location, along with any events related to the traveling artists or bands. Allowing the browser to determine the location of the user is recommended for this tab as well.

  • Stream: Stream is a mix of audio and general posts determined by the user's choice of styles and style associations.

  • Events calendar shows up events happening in and around the user's location. Hovering on the highlighted dates pops up the event information and clicking on the highlighted dates opens up the events on that date in the main window.
  • Display month and year can be changed using buttons on the top of the calendar.
  • Green highlight: The dates on the calendar that are highlighted green has events that the user has saved and are following.
  • Yellow highlight: The dates on the calendar that are highlighted yellow has events that the user has NOT saved.
  • The radio buttons on the bottom of the calendar is for narrowing down or widening the target location.

The collaboration tab on the right is used to quickly browse through and retrieve saved collaborations. Clicking on the label opens a dropdown that contains all the user's saved collaboration projects.

Any collaborations can be saved and retrieved at a later time by clicking on the saved collaborations. Once a user submits a track for collaboration, it can also be accessed from the wall in the user profile.

The profile is the user's 'page' that other people see when they visit another user's profile. It has all the elements that the user decides to display to other visitors as part of their profile. The top part consists of a Profile description and tagline followed by a Banner that the user can use to advertise their current project, event, album, or anything that they want others to notice as soon as they visit their profile. This can be changed anytime from the Console to suit the user's needs.

Below the banner is a small Profile fullness indiactor that shows how updated is the user's profile. It takes various data into account like the basic personal information, projects, basic activities according to the user's primary role. Fuller profiles tend to gain better visibility due to their fullness.

The following strip contains the profile picture, followed by the display name and primary - secondary roles of the user, followed by the profile view selectors.

The following space is for a Quick player that plays the tracks from the profile content like albums, etc. Any available information about the track being played is displayed adjacent to the Quick player.

  • The sections that can be displayed on each user profiles differs according to the users' primary role, and the elements added by the user to his profile. They can be anything among Albums, Successful collaborations, Bands, Band members, Events, Venues, Tech products, Connections, Followers, etc.
  • Each section is headed by a section header that also has an edit enable button that enables quick edit/modify mode for the elements in that section, which allows a small degree of modification to the elements.
  • The connections and followers can be hidden from public view by changing the privacy settings from the console.
  • Any albums added by the user can be previewed by clicking on the track, which plays in the quick player, below the profile banner.
  • The user can also send invites, with a message, to their contacts to collaborate or attend or get involved with their events. The recipients will receive the invites in their inbox from where they can respond.

The wall is the primary utility section to access, edit and modify all the user posts and activity content. Each post that the user has posted can be accessed in this section.

  • Tracks
  • Image/Shouts
  • Favorite albums
  • Collaboration projects
  • Collaboration submissions
  • Questions posted in the forum
  • Questions answered in the forum

Tracks, videos, shouts can be edited, reposted or deleted. Also, the user can add fresh comments to the posts, or reply to comments.

Favourite albums can be viewed, sampled, or entiire albums can be played if the album creator has made it available. It is like having a virtual library of all the users' favourite albums.

Collaborations: The entire process of previewing, responding to the submissions recieved for all the user's collaboration happen here.

    The project creators can access all submissions made to their projects by the patrons and perform actions like previewing, responding by accepting, rejecting, approving, rating and downloading the submissions.

Submissions: All the collaboration projects that the user has contributed to can be accessed under this section.

    If the submission has been accepted by the project creator, then the contributor can also preview contributions by other contributors. Other contributions also can be upvoted, downvoted by the creator and every contributor, or discussed about in the comments section below every project.

Questions: All questions asked by the user in the forum, along with all the respective answers can be accessed here. The answers can be upvoted or downvoted or shared with the users contacts.

Answers: All questions that have been answered by the user in the forum, along with all the other answers can be accessed here.

    While the answers written by the user can be edited here, other answers can be upvoted or downvoted by the user. Also, the answers can be shared with the user's contacts directly from here.

The search field: can be used to search for posts by the title.

The blog section allows users to compose and manage their microblogs on Raagamorph. This feature is still in a preliminary phase, however, it is still available for users to create and publish their microblogs.

Console is where the users setup their profiles, add elements and manage all their activities from. It is the central part of most of the users' activities. It is called console because the entire control of the user activities lie in this section.

There are a few user details that are essential for proper functioning of the portal, like the name, bithdate, location, username, display name, secondary role, instruments or musical styles, etc. in the personal section. This applies to all users irrespective of their profiles/primary roles.

The location serves as the base for the user location for other users to search and connect with the user. Start typing a city name and select location from the dropdown that appears. It also serves as a default user location for content delivery. Birthdate is essential to determine that the user is over 14 years of age and to ascertain certain other user specific data like industry experience.

Clicking on the Edit this section button brings up the edit popup where the user can fill in the rest of details in one go. These details do not need to be filled again unless absolutely required.

The Pro details button is for the pro section of the profile where the user adds their professional details, banner, professional description, and their main professional elements like albums, videos, events, projects, etc.

The ADD / CREATE section is where users add their professional elements to their profile that makes their profile unique. The elements that can be added varies according to the user's industry role that they have chosen in their profile. The basic element types are:

  • Collaboration: for all professional profiles
  • Album: for artists, bands and producers
  • Member: for bands, managers
  • Video: for all profiles
  • Events: for artists, bands, venues and managers
  • Tech: for tech profiles
  • Venue: for venue profiles

All details in the first section are mandatory for the creation of a profile element. Once created, the user can furnish all the details of the element in the next section.

  • Although all the elements carry a similar outlook, the required details for each element differs completely from other elements.
  • As in this example for the creation of an event, each detail corresponds to a vital part of the element that need to be specified in order to be able to publish.
  • After furnishing all the element details, the element can be previewed by clicking on the Preview button. This pops up a preview of the element that lools the way the viewers will see it.
  • *** Please note that the elements can only be published from the preview popup, and only if all the necessary details are furnished. The element can be viewed by the public only if it is published.
  • The preview popup can be used to unpublish the element as well.
  • Yes. Any element added to a user profile can be edited by the user.
  • Head over to the ADD / CREATE section in the console and click on the element type that you want to edit.
  • In the window that appears, type the title of the element that needs to be edited and click on the button Edit / Add info at the bottom.
  • This opens up the element details from where any detail pertaining to the element can be edited or updated.
  • ***Note: Some elements like venues require both the title and name to retrieve the element data.

The profile description given by the user is applied to the user profiles when they appear in public searches. Short descriptions that clearly convey the message would be the most appropriate.

Head over to Console > Person details and look for the labels Change email and Change password next to each other.

  • Depending on your requirement, enter your old email or old password in the appropriate fields and hit the button below.
  • If the entered email or password is correct, you will be asked to enter the new email or password.
  • Next step is verification. If the verification is correct, you will be logged out and you will have to login using your new credentials.

The community page is designed to give the user the best possible experience of using a networking and promotional website and to make the best use of time spent, making every moment extremely productive. The different sections in the Community page greatly enhances this factor enabling the user to get more in less time. The main sections of the community page are:

  • Explore: The combinational search bar allows users to search and discover music, events, people or anything that they might be looking for. Once the users find what they are looking for, they can connect, or view the user profile, save to their list and more.
  • Collaborate: An exclusive section for collaborations where users can search for collaboration projects having specific requirements. Users can save collaborations, submit their ideas, have general discussions and more.
  • Forum: For sharing of knowledge and information, asking questions, finding answers and general reading. Users can browse through the array of topics related to almost anything in the music industry, ask questions under any of them and access answers to questions that have already been answered.

The Explore section is purely meant for exploring the music community in general and and the main tool for that is the search bar. Users can search for any entity in any combination of parameters to exactly find what they are looking for.

The 'Explore' section is meant to do exactly what it says. The main tool is the search bar that can be used to search for entities using any combination of parameters in the dynamic search bar. Select the desired combination of parameters and hit Go 🔎.

If the search function finds results, they will be displayed along with a few parameters associated with the type of the result entity, based on which, the user can further perform actions on a chosen result.

  • For user profiles the profiles can be viewed, or a connection request can be sent or a follow action can be initiated on the chosen result.
  • Albums can be added to favorites, tracks can be previewed or the details accessed. Additionally, the user profiles of the album creator can be visited by clicking on the name or the image on every result.
  • Events can be saved to the users' events calendar, or shared with the user's contacts, or the creators profile visited.
  • Venues profiles can be viewed, or a connection request can be sent or a follow action can be initiated on the chosen result.
  • Tech products creator profiles can be viewed, or all the details of the product can be viewed within each result element.

The Collaborate section is designed to enable artists and other professionals to find other professionals to join them in their project as collaborators, exchange ideas, work samples, discuss, rate each others' contributions and make the whole process of collaboration as much fun as possible.

However, projecs open for collaboration need to be discovered first, before any activities associated with collaborations can happen. Select the desired parameters for collaboration in the search bar and hit Go 🔎. If you find results, an exciting journey can begin right there.

Each collaboration result is displayed with a set of parameters associated with the project. The following actions can be performed on each result.

  • Play/preview the project source material.
  • Save the project to list or remove from the list.
  • Download the source material.
  • Submit material to any or all the requirements by clicking on the requirement.
  • Share project with contacts.
  • Discuss with patrons.
  • View the creator's profile.

Coming across technical questions and problems is just as common as chord changes in a song and they need to be answered. Whether the question is to solve a problem or about enhancing skills, or just a general know-how, the Forum is designed to share and exchange information and knowledge. Anyone can ask any kind of questions directly related to any topic in the music industry, and anybody that knows the answer can answer the question.

Users can search for questions or topics for general reading. Use the search bar to select desired parameters and hit Go 🔎

Coming across technical questions and problems is just as common as chord changes in a song and they need to be answered. Whether the question is to solve a problem or about enhancing skills, or just a general know-how, the Forum is designed to share and exchange information and knowledge. Anyone can ask any kind of questions directly related to any topic in the music industry, and anybody that knows the answer can answer the question.

Users can search for questions or topics for general reading. Use the search bar to select desired parameters and hit Go 🔎

Coming across technical questions and problems is just as common as chord changes in a song and they need to be answered. Whether the question is to solve a problem or about enhancing skills, or just a general know-how, the Forum is designed to share and exchange information and knowledge. Anyone can ask any kind of questions directly related to any topic in the music industry, and anybody that knows the answer can answer the question.

Users can search for questions or topics for general reading. Use the search bar to select desired parameters and hit Go 🔎